Use your Membership Rewards points when paying for travel

20,000 Membership Rewards = $100 worth of travel.

Use your Membership Rewards points when paying for your travelChoose points only, or a combination of points plus payment, on your card.

Whether you’re looking for flights, accommodation, tours, cruises or more, you can redeem your points through and our sister company, travel key.

How to Pay with Points

1. Contact or travel key to help you find the travel options you want.
2. Tell us you want to pay with points using TravelPay and they we send you a link to our TravelPay online payment page.
3. Complete the online payment process with your American Express® Card.
4. When the SafeKey screen appears, select the option to ‘Use Points’. Confirm the amount and click ‘Use Points’. You can even choose points plus payment.
5. The amount you confirmed will appear as a credit on your statement within 72 hours.